Compost Filter Sock Brands Offered

MKB Diamond Compost Filter Socks
Compost Filter Socks by US Erosion Control Products
Filtrexx Compost Filter Socks
Compost Filter Socks are constructed using heavy-duty knitted tubular filtration socks filled with organic compost material and shavings and are designed to provide maximum filtration, filter water runoff and control sediment loss; even in extreme conditions. In our continuing effort to provide the highest quality, most affordable Compost Filter Sock in the  industry, L & M Supply has teamed up with the biggest names in the industry: Filtrexx & Diamond Sock. This allows to offer the  lowest freight cost and quickest turnaround times from Coast to Coast! 

Compost Filter Sock Uses 
  • Diversion Berm
  • Perimeter Control
  • Slope Interruption
  • Ditch Check
  • Alternative to Silt Fence
Compost Filter Socks can be installed down slope of any disturbed area where erosion and sediment control are necessary due to storm water runoff. Other key areas of use are: where trenching of Silt Fence is not possible because of frozen grounds, on paved areas, around sensitive trees where trenching could damage tree growth or in areas where it is unnecessary to disturb established vegetation.  
8" X 10'      
8" X 20'  
8" X 160'
8" X 180'        
12" X 10'      
12" X 85'     
12" X 100' 
12" X 110'    
18" X 10'      
18" X 45'   
18" X 50'      
24" X 30'
Most size are sold with Hardwood Stakes. Ask your representative. Sock sizes may vary by state. 

Filtrexx GA DOT Approved Compost Filter Socks on a
pipeline relocation project near Fayetteville GA - Supplied by L & M Supply.

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