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3.5oz Superior Landscape Fabric Professional Display Packs
(6 Cases per Pallet)

3.5oz Superior Landscape Fabric Professional Display Packs
Our #1 Seller

Retail Point of Sale Commercial Display Boxes

Our fabric features polyester fibers spun bound into a swirling web-like pattern. The result is superior fiber distribution creating a unique weed prevention fabric and great water and air permeability. The process accounts the exceptional strength-to-weight ration. This fabric must be covered with mulch! A must fabric for serious landscapers. Specification Sheet

Size & Quantity:
3' X 50' 
24 Rolls per Case

3' X 100' 
12 Rolls per Case

4' X 100' 
12 Rolls per Case

4' X 200' 
6 Rolls per Case

3.5oz Superior Landscape Fabric Weed Control Commercial Rolls
(10 Rolls per Bundle)

3.5oz Superior Landscape Fabric Commercial Rolls
Our #1 Seller - Choice of the Pros! 

Retards weed growth with a barrier between mulch and soil. Allows water, air, herbicides, fertilizer and insecticide to flow into the soil. Lends insulation to root systems against sudden temperature changes. Minimizes erosion and loss of mulch due to soil intrusion and is chemically inert; resists mildew, rotting and insect invasion. Reduces plant bed maintenance, maintains moisture and cuts the need for watering. Specification Sheet
Available sizes:
3' X 300'
4' X 300'
6' X 300'
9' X 300'
12' X 300'

4.1oz Restrictor Woven Needle-punch Landscape Fabric Retail Box
(6 Cases per Pallet Pack)

4.1oz Restrictor Woven Needle-punch Landscape Fabric

Sold in Retail Point of Sale Display Boxes &
250' Commercial  rolls.

Our black woven needle-punched fabric offers excellent strength and toughness and a high degree of UV resistance. Restrictor successfully restricts weed growth and freely allows water penetration and air exchange with the soil.
Also available in commercial!
Size & Quantity:

3' X 50'
20 Rolls per Case

3' X 100'
12 Rolls per Case

4' X 100' 
10 Rolls per Case

4.8oz Restrictor Heavy Duty Landscape Fabric
(Sold per Skid or per Bundle)

4.8oz Restrictor Heavy Duty Woven Needle-punch Landscape Fabric Sold in 250'
Commercial Rolls 

Needle punched woven ground cover is the most effective fabric weed control product on the market today. They are made from 100% woven polypropylene then needle punched to aid in permeability and capillary action. Water exchange rates are up to 10 gallons per minute per square foot. It comes with UV resistance for long term exposure to the sun. Our 4.8oz Restrictor is equal to DeWitt Pro 5. Installed with or without Sod Staple pins. Contains a marker stripe every 12”. 
Available sizes: 
3' X 250'
4' X 250'
5' X 250'
6' X 250'
8' X 250'
9' X 250'
12' X 250'

Custom Shade Cloth with Grommets
(Custom panels sewn, taped & grommetted to fit your needs)

Custom Shade Cloth

No size too big or too small - Taped & Grommet Edges. Our all-weather polypropylene fabric withstands the effects of sun, rain and wind. Provides controlled light/shade ratio. Has exceptional UV stability. Available in seven styles. Supplied in seamless wide widths up to 12 feet to ensure uniform fabric strength and fit your specific requirements. Light weight for easy, economical installation and storage. Custom panels sewn, taped & grommetted to fit your needs.
Available %'s:

Largest Selection of Landscape Fabric in North America

Woven Nursery Ground Cover  LM3000
Buy direct and Save!

The Choice of Professionals for over three decades! Thousands of rolls in stock and ready to ship. Features a marker line every 12" and very high UV rating providing many years of worry-free use! 
Available sizes: 
3' X 300'
4' X 300'
6' X 300'
10' X 300'
12' X 300'
15' X 300'

Sod Staples, Sod Pins 6

Sod Staples / Fabric Pins

Buy Direct from the manufacture. Ask about Truckload and Pallet quantity Discounts.  
Sizes & Quantity:

6" X 1" X 6" - (1,000 per Box/54 & 60 per pallet)
4" X 1" X 4" - (1,000 per Box/54 per pallet)
8" X 1" X 8" - (500 per Box/54 per pallet)
12" X 1" X 12" - (500 per Box/54 per pallet)

Terra-Pin Sod Staples

Terra-Pin Sod Staples

Our latest innovation, the Terra-Pin has been designed to hold all types of erosion control and soil stabilization blanket matting securely in place with patent pending Pig Tail Design.

  • Quick and easy to install with a standard electric drill
  • Superior performance when compared to traditional straight pins, up to 4x pull out force 
  • Eliminates time & labor associated with replacing or reworking pins that have become loose or pulled out
  • The patent pending innovative design of the installation chuck allows the Terra-Pin to be installed to full depth without damaging the mat
  • Integrated top coil form eliminates the need for a washer, spreads the load and helps secure the matting in place
Size: 8" (200 per Terra-Pins Box)
54 & 60 boxes per skid 
Chuck tool sold separately 

Winter / Frost Protection Blankets

Winter / Frost Protection Blankets

This reusable, permeable, UV-treated fabric will protect your flowering annuals, bedding plants and vegetables from severe cold, frost and freezing temperatures. Custom sizes available, Please call for details. Ask about quantity discounts!
15' X 300' 2 oz Light
15' X 300' 3 oz Medium
15' X 300' 6 oz Heavy

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